Wrecker Service, Winston-Salem, NC

We’re a leading provider of wrecker service in the Winston-Salem area.

Wrecker service may sound like a service designed to destroy or damage a vehicle or property, but it’s actually used to refer to a company that removes damaged vehicles after a wreck. If you’ve ever spotted an accident when you’re driving on the road, or you’ve been involved in one, you may notice that tow trucks arrive on the scene quickly to remove the cars and clear off the road to improve the flow of traffic as soon as possible. Police officers often have trusted providers of wrecker service in their areas, so they know who to contact when they’re called to the scene of an accident.

Wrecker Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you’re in need of wrecker service in or around Winston-Salem, North Carolina, our team at Dean’s Robinhood Towing is here to provide the services you need for prompt and efficient wreck cleanup. We’ll arrive quickly and begin working right away to connect the involved vehicles to the tow trucks in our fleet and get them out of the way. By taking care of the wrecker service, we can help clear out the traffic jam and allow the drivers of the damaged vehicles to begin the necessary steps in the process that comes after an accident.

We’re a leading provider of wrecker service in the Winston-Salem area. Our business has been serving local residents in difficult situations for more than 30 years. You can also trust us to arrive at any time, day or night, since we understand that vehicle accidents don’t just happen during normal business hours. For trusted wrecker services, contact us at  Dean’s Robinhood Towing.