What You Need to Know About Emergency Towing Services

For professional tow truck drivers, emergency towing seems like a pretty routine event. Tow trucks have been around basically as long as there have been cars to break down on the side of the road. But, for many drivers, needing emergency towing is an unusual and stressful event. There are things you need to know to help keep you safe while you are waiting for emergency towing services.

emergency towing seems like a pretty routine event.

If you are waiting for emergency towing, you should try to get your car out of the way of traffic. Not only does this keep you safer, but it makes the other cars on the road safer, too. There are many reasons you may have called for towing services. Maybe you had an accident, some sort of major mechanical failure, a flat tire, a dead battery, an overheated engine, or you are stuck in a ditch. Whatever the reason, do your best to get your vehicle completely off the road and use your hazard warning lights to alert others to your presence. Once your vehicle is safer, you can call for help. It is also critically important that you give your tow truck driver accurate information about your location and specific directions for finding you.

Even if you aren’t the one needing emergency towing services, there are some things you can do to help keep tow truck drivers safer on the road. First of all, recognize tow trucks as a type of emergency vehicle, just like a police officer, a fire truck or an ambulance. Give right of way to these vehicles and move over or slow down when passing a tow truck on the side of the road. When driving in poor driving conditions like storms or snow, realize that it is more likely that you will come across tow trucks or other road hazards and adjust your driving accordingly.