What to Do When You’re Locked Out

what to do when you’re locked out
It can be very frustrating when the simplest of problems can cause the biggest of inconveniences. One of these issues is when you find yourself locked out of your car or home. Should you find yourself in this situation, it’s important that you get to where you are going but also that you’re able to do so safely. If you are stuck somewhere without a key, here are a few things to do when you are locked out.

First, make sure you call someone. Whether that is a friend, family member, or locksmith, make sure that you are making your location and situation known as soon as possible. This will be important in terms of both timeliness and safety.

Second, if you are out in the open, find a public place where you will feel safe. You can do a quick search on your phone for places that are nearby where you could go and potentially ask the locksmith to escort you from there if you feel unsafe in the area.

Third, call a locksmith with a good reputation. There are so many different types of keys and locks out there, many of them electronic, that you need someone who is well-versed and experienced in all of them.

Finally, put safety measures in place in case you are locked out again. For some of us that is leaving a key with a friend or neighbor. For those of us who are consistently losing our keys, that might mean finding out how to install a keyless entry lock.

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