What to Do (and Not to Do) While Waiting for a Wrecker Service to Come

Being in a car accident is one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. Whether or not the accident was your fault, you may be in shock. You may not know what to do next. Even a small fender bender can be a big event. A wrecker service likes ours here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing aims to take some of the stress out of these challenging situations. Our job is to remove any damaged vehicles after a wreck.

When your wrecker service arrives

If you are waiting for a wrecker service to come, there are certain things you should do to keep yourself (and other drivers on the road) safer, as well as making sure you are ready to turn your vehicle over to another person for towing:

  • Get your car off the road if at all possible. This keeps you safer and reduces the likelihood of another driver hitting your car again.
  • Contact law enforcement first and then call a towing company (or your roadside assistance company or insurance agent for help).
  • If you are in an area with heavy traffic (like on the shoulder of the interstate) you should stay in your vehicle and keep your seatbelt on until help arrives. You will also have to assess the weather and temperature conditions to determine where you will be safest while waiting.
  • If possible, use your hazard warning lights on your vehicle. If you have warning triangles, cones or flares and can use them safely, then do so.
  • Think about what you have in your vehicle that you need to collect, like insurance paperwork, personal documents, ID cards and expensive devices or other personal belongings that you don’t want to leave in the car.

When your wrecker service arrives, always confirm their ID as well and make sure that it matches the information you received over the phone about who was coming and the name of the company.