Things to Remember with Wreck Removal

The good thing about today’s vehicles is that they are built to keep the occupants as safe as possible in a collision. The bad thing is that they do that by letting the body of the car crumple to keep the interior as intact as possible. That means it doesn’t take a huge collision to render your vehicle inoperable, leaving you to call for wreck removal. Obviously, if you are injured, you won’t be present for the process of getting ready for the towing company to arrive, but if you weren’t hurt, here are some things to consider doing before they get there.

call for wreck removal

  • Remove Valuables- The majority of wreck removal towing companies are professional and take your vehicle to a secure car storage location so that you can go by later to remove your personal belongings without fear they won’t be there. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to remove anything valuable or of sentimental value. Of course, wait until emergency personnel have determined there isn’t a gas leak or other dangerous situation.
  • Move Away- Once you have removed your valuables, assuming it safe to do so, move away from the vehicle to avoid injury. Even if your car is in no danger of blowing up, there may be glass and sharp metal lying around.
  • Take Pictures- This might be your last chance to get a photo of your pride and joy, so feel free to snap a few shots if you want a reminder how fortunate you were to not be hurt or you want to have documentation for your insurance company.
  • List What You Want Saved- If it looks like your vehicle will be considered a complete loss, let the wreck removal company know what items you might want to remove from the vehicle later, such as an after-market audio system, newer battery, GPS system, upgraded exhaust, and so forth.

You can be confident that when you contact us at Dean’s Robinhood Towing for wreck removal, your vehicle will be given the same respect whether it is moderately damaged or totaled. We’ll take it to our car storage area to await further instructions or tow it wherever else you want it to go. Since we are fine with long-distance towing, don’t hesitate to have us take it to your favorite repair shop.