Small Things that Leave You with a
Dead Battery

We have all been there at some point over our driving careers — that time when you go to start the car and the engine isn’t even able to turn over. Having a dead battery is very frustrating, especially if you are already running late or have someone waiting for you to arrive. At Dean’s Robinhood Towing, we are happy to help you when you have a dead battery, but here are a few things you can do that will prevent you from needing us at all! Some of the small things that will leave you with a dead battery include:

  • Short drives- When you only drive your car for very small distances, while you might not be racking up the mileage, you may be racking up the battery usage. A battery uses a lot of power starting the car, more than any other function, and if you don’t drive it long enough for the alternator to re-charge the battery, you can expect it to die fast and die often.

Keep your battery from becoming a dead battery

  • Forgetfulness- Did you leave the lights on? Forget to close the door since your hands were full of groceries? Use the headlights to light up something in the garage and forget to turn them off? These are all taxes on the battery that can use up all the power.
  • Connection problems- Most things stop draining the battery once the car is off, but if the connections are wrong within the wiring, things like the clock or lights might be stealing power even when the car is turned off.

Keep your battery from becoming a dead battery with our help here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing!