How to Avoid Getting a Flat Tire

Here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing, we know that getting a flat tire is something that every driver dreads. Even if you know how to change one yourself and have the right tools to do so, changing a flat is still a lot of hassle that you’d probably rather avoid. While our team is always available to help you deal with a flat tire should you be unlucky enough to get one, we also want to help you prevent that situation if you can. In this article we’ll go over some tire care tips to help you avoid getting a flat.

our team is always available to help you deal with a flat tire

  • Check for Uneven Wear. One step you can take to help prevent flat tires is to regularly check your tires for uneven wear. When one area of your tire wears out faster than the rest, then that spot weakens the whole tire and makes it vulnerable to punctures or blow-outs. Uneven wear can be caused by fast starts and hard stops, so do your best to ease into motion when driving.
  • Maintain Proper Air Pressure. Another factor that can lead to a flat tire is the air pressure inside each tire. If the air pressure is too low, it can cause tires to wear out unevenly as we at Dean’s Robinhood Towing described above. If the air pressure is too high, it can make your vehicle more difficult to handle and create a rough ride for you and your passengers.
  • Inspect Your Brakes. Besides being essential for safe driving in general, keeping your brakes in good condition will also benefit your tires. Brakes that are too worn out or are not properly adjusted can cause the uneven wear problem we went over above, so regularly inspecting and maintain your brakes will help you avoid getting a flat tire.

We at Dean’s Robinhood Towing hope that this information has been helpful. Of course, following these tips can’t account for every possibility, so if you find yourself with a flat tire anyway, just call our team for assistance.