Can a Flat Tire be Fixed?

A flat tire rarely occurs at a time when it is convenient. It’s never when you have hit the traffic lights just right and arrived early to your destination, but instead, it is in the middle of your list of errands or when you are trying to hurry to an important appointment! While we can’t change the timing of when your flat tires occur, our team here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing can help you with your flat tire needs. There are some occasions when a flat tire can actually be fixed at a tire shop rather than replaced altogether. Let’s go over a few of these instances when a flat tire can be fixed.

a flat tire can be fixed

  • Slow leak- A slow leak is much more likely to be fixable than a sudden leak that drains your tire flat quickly. Slow leaks are usually smaller areas that can be patched as long as the tire has a good amount of tread left and the leak is located in the right place on the tire, which leads us to our next point.
  • Away from the sides- Think about what a tire looks like. It’s mostly flat, but also has sloping shoulders. If the leak is present anywhere on the shoulder areas instead of the flat and tread portions of the tire, it will need to be replaced, no matter how large or small.
  • Previous tire patches- If your tire has been patched before, you probably should replace this tire, especially if the damage done was close to the original patch point.

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