Common Problems We Solve

We can help with nearly any car problem you may run into on the road!

Common Problems We Solve

There are many reasons why you may need our help here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing. As a towing company, we’re equipped and ready to solve a number of problems you may run into in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we can help with the following situations:

  • Mechanical failures
  • Getting locked out of your car
  • Running out of gas
  • Getting stuck in a ditch
  • Getting a flat tire
  • Transmission failure
  • Auto collisions
  • Dead batteries
  • An overheated engine

Day or night, we’ll be there for you – just give us a call and someone from our team will respond right away! We’re always pulling for you, so when you need professional, trusted towing services, count on our team to deliver.

We maintain a large fleet of trucks and keep all necessary equipment handy, so when you call us for help solving a problem, you won’t have any trouble securing the solutions you need. In fact, we’re confident you’ll be more than happy with your experience.

The next time you run into a problem that can be solved by our towing team, give us a call! At Dean’s Robinhood Towing, we’re always ready and waiting to help you out.