Commercial Towing Services, Winston-Salem, NC

Get illegally parked or abandoned vehicles out of your parking lot.

Every business owner has experienced the frustration of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles at some point. Even with signs warning that cars will be towed, it happens. You just want your parking lot to be available for the customers and employees who need to use it every day, so that your business can operate properly and you can make a living. If you need to have an illegally parked car or abandoned car removed from your premises, you may be nervous about how to go about it.

Commercial Towing Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here at Dean’s Robinhood Towing, we have the commercial towing services you need to take care of this problem quickly and legally. Whether you have a small, family-owned and operated business or if you manage a large corporate store location, if your business is in the area near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we can help.

When you call us for commercial towing services, you can expect us to quickly respond to your call. We will come with the truck needed for the job. Our fleet of tow trucks includes specialty trucks, like a truck with a tilt tray and a truck that can reach even vehicles that are hard to reach. We will take the vehicle to our impound storage facility and safely store it as needed. We are so well known in Winston-Salem for our commercial towing services, we are frequently called by the area police to remove cars. Whether you need commercial towing services or one of our other vehicle services, give us a call today.