About Dean’s Robinhood Towing, Winston-Salem, NC

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a reputation as the towing company to turn to in Winston-Salem.

Dean’s Robinhood Towing is a local towing company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, owned and operated by Dean Jacobs. Serving customers since 1979, we strive to provide the best towing services possible by setting high expectations for all staff members. We continue to provide training opportunities for our dispatchers and drivers, and this ongoing process allows us to offer fast, professional, trusted towing and car storage solutions for many different types of situations.

About Dean’s Robinhood Towing in Winston-Salem, NC

  • Local & Long-Distance – Many towing companies will provide local towing services, but few are willing to offer long-distance towing. We strive to be available to meet any towing need, and our reliable long-distance services will ensure that you get your vehicle to its intended destination.
  • Commercial Towing – Many business owners have designated parking for their employees and guests, so nothing is more frustrating than finding an abandoned vehicle in the lot. We provide commercial towing services that align with local ordinances and statutes so that business owners can keep their designated spaces clear.
  • Wreck Removal – There is a reason we are the first people the Winston-Salem Police Department call when they need a wreck removed from the road! Our fast, professional services and proven track record of reliability make us a top choice any time a roadway accident needs to be cleared.
  • Car Storage – Our car storage facility makes it easy to manage vehicles that have been removed due to parking violations or accidents. Owners can easily come claim their vehicle, and private property owners can maintain their designated parking areas more effectively.

For all your towing needs, local and long-distance, give us a call at Dean’s Robinhood Towing today.  We’re always pulling for you!